Job Profile of LIC Agent

The job as LIC agent is quite naive for you if you like meeting people. An LIC agent gets the opportunity to meet new people, talk to them and identify opportunities. The job profile of an agent is not just limited to the sale of policies but much more than that.
It includes:


The first step in the job of an LIC advisor is to discover the potential customers and fix an appointment with them. It is the job of an agent to provide knowledge about why insurance is important and the benefits it can offer to an individual and his family. This is only possible if the agent finds and meets new people who would be willing to invest and buy insurance plans as per their needs.


LIC offers numerous plans, and it is the role of an agent to analyze the customer’s requirements and present all the plans which suit their needs. The agent not only has to answer all the questions and queries of the customer but also convince him/her to buy a suitable plan that can benefit them the most.


From applying for life insurance to redeeming, it requires a lot of paperwork. The agent is responsible for providing support to the customers in filling out all the relevant and required forms and doing all the paperwork. Apart from this, the agent also conducts the major inquiries that are done before selling the policy. This includes health checkups and background checks which are important to fulfill before selling the policy.


Insurance requires a long-term contract between the policyholder and the agent. And it becomes the responsibility of the agent to stay connected with the policyholder during the tenure of insurance. They need to assist the policyholders in the renewal of the policy, remind them about paying insurance premiums and help with any changes they want to make to their existing policy.

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